OOC POST: Different Worlds Verse info, along with head canon info
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General Description of the Nexus World: It is a sentient world with limitless powers who takes and sends back anyone it wishes. Although its logic and nature is incredibly strange.

Currently it's become unstable. A very unstable man is trying to force his way out of there so he can eliminate humanity and recreate at the world he ca

Verse Info
-Nexus has done a hell of an info dump on her mind. Not only does she know why she's back alive, she doesn't really understand it yet.

-Prior to her eventual arrival near Mari and friends, she's taken out a bunch of cyborg drones for fun. She's slaughtered them without getting a scratch on her.

-All of Mari Broderick's memories have been implanted into her mind, painlessly. Rosso has yet to sort through it all, but she has a good idea of who she is, and knows her weaknesses. Pre-verse, she'll want to fight and kill her...and fight Cloud and Vincent and all their friends. Why? Because she loves a good fight and is a crazy sadist who would love to get them all bloody and dead.

-When or if Rosso may go out of hand and try to kill someone Nexus nor Mari would want her to do, the Nexus will take over her body. The Nexus may or may not be attempting to gradually convert this insane woman into a good warrior.

Head Canon info
-Between all the torturous experimentation and training, Shin-Ra has made their one and only Mako powered vampire. Hence why her eyes a red color instead of a blue color.

-All she consumes is blood. In addition to her enhanced speed and strength, she very much is indeed a vampire.


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